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Prelims Revision Marathon

Prelims Revision Marathon is an intensive program designed to help aspirants revise the vast syllabus for the UPSC Civil Services Exam's preliminary stage in a short period. It focuses on key concepts, important topics, and exam-taking strategies.

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  • This Course will be a one-stop Solution to cover Entire Prelims syllabus for Prelims 2024
  • Quick Revision of all the subjects 
  • Full 1 subject revision in 2 days
  • Live Lectures - There will be live classes to keep the learning more interactive.
  • Coverage of Polity, Economy, Geography , Environment and History 
  • Doubt-solving Sessions - You can ask doubts from your mentor or after the live classes.
  • Sessions will be taken by top UPSC Faculties of Delhi and other premier UPSC training Centres


No there is a separate Current Affairs course for that. This only covers the static portions.

Yes the classes will be conducted both in offline and Online format

Course materials may include revision notes, handouts, access to online resources, and practice question banks.