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Mains 2024 Test Series

Mains 2024 Test Series

Most affordable & Quality Test Series for UPSC Mains 2024

FLEXIBLE TEST SCHEDULE: Attempt Test anytime after the schedule Date


Features of IAS Shaashtra Test Series:

  1. Question Standards: Test Series will comprise of Most Probable Questions from exam point of view, keeping in view of recent trends of Questions being asked (Dynamic & Static).
  2. Model Answer & Explanation: At IAS Shaashtra, we incorporate all the important facts to ensure that model answers provided by us are to the point and relevant related to the topic being asked.
  3. Evaluation : Comprehensive evaluation focusing on all the important parts to be addressed in any answer.
  4. Answer Writing Methodology: Not only Test Series , but also focusing on to improve the answer writing methodology.
  5. Mentorship: Our Academic Director Raunak Shukla Sir, a well experienced faculty in Delhi will be available to support you in improving your answers and personally attending any issue.

Details of the Test Series:

  • Total 15 Tests
      • 3 Essay Tests
      • 8 Sectional Tests
      • 4 Full length Tests
  • Starting 7th July 
  • Model Explanation & Detailed Test Discussion(Offline & Online).
  • Value-Added Materials will be provided.
  • Checked Answer Copies will be provided before next test.
  • Only 60 Offline Seats (Kolkata) in a Batch.

Enquire About The Course !!!


Yes One to One Online Mentorship will be given

Yes Value Added Materials would be provided

Yes its both offline and online