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Current Affairs Crash Course for Prelims

Master 800+ current affairs topics in 80+ hours for UPSC CSE Prelims, ensuring comprehensive understanding and exam readiness.

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  • ✅Covers 800+ topics across global and national current affairs comprehensively.
  • ✅80+ hours of engaging, high-quality video lectures by subject experts.
  • ✅Focus on the most important exam relevant concepts.
  • ✅24/7 access to course materials for flexible, anytime learning.
  • ✅Comprehensive course materials including notes, slides, and supplementary readings.


This course offers in-depth coverage of 800+ important topics across subjects like polity, international relations, economy, and more in over 80 hours of content, designed specifically for UPSC CSE Prelims aspirants.

Content is delivered through high-quality video lectures and provides access to comprehensive study materials.

Topics are carefully selected by experts to ensure they encompass significant events and developments that are crucial for competitive exams and general awareness.

The course covers diverse subjects including polity, international relations, economy, environment, science and technology, defense, health, and education among others.